DIY to Try # pegboard

When we see a pegboard we think of garage storage or tools organizer. But it can also be use inside the house as a great decor element. You can hang it in your office or craft room, as a very practical office supplies organizer. You can make your own big pegboard out of plywood and build a statement storage wall. You can also cut funny shapes to create a jewelry display or a Christmas tree. There is a lot of options, and remember you can always paint or customize the boards to fit your decor.

 Giant pegboard DIY // Vintage revivals

DIY modern pegboard planter // Brepuposed


 DIY mountain stand jewelry // My white idea DIY

DIY pegboard words // Lovely indeed

DIY painted cross stitches pegboard // Craft and Creativity

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    This post gives me an idea for my next target project!Thanks for the unique and bright idea!

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      Thanks Lucas! It's always great to have some extra organizer ideas 😉

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    This is a definitive DIY to try. It seems easy enough to try by myself, I'll se how it goes =}