5 ways to hang photos on the wall

Tell me, what do you do with your holidays pictures? Do you print them, frame them, or make an album? I just create a new folder in my computer and transfer them from my camera or phone…and that’s it! We almost never look at them anymore. I don’t print them or frame them…nothing! And it’s kind of sad. I enjoy having picture around, especially from my family because we live far away from each other! Maybe those great DIY ideas will inspire me, and hopefully you too, to create a nice photo display!

Picture above: DIY modern wall photo hanging

DIY hanging picture display

DIY glass photo display

Cheap and chic picture framing

DIY hanging frames


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    These are all good ideas about hanging things on the wall, but how about the heavier items? Any good tips

    • amaryllis
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      Maybe you can add a small shelf to display heavier items, you can check this post for some inspiration CLICK HERE