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DIY pinwheel hair clips

It’s a daily battle with my daughter to do her hair. I brush her hair too fast, it’s hurts, we don’t agree on the hair clips…all this before my morning coffee, hard! I don’t want her to go to school with messy hair, so we gonna keep doing this! I hope those cute pinwheel hair clips will help! They are easy to do, and turns out very pretty. My daughter loves them, I will have to make some more to match her school uniform.

Supplies you will need: (faux) leather, buttons, hair clips, glue gun and scissors.

Cut faux leather squares (mine are 3′ x 3′) and make an incision in each angle.

Fold every angle into the center and glue.

Glue the hair pin on the back and a button on the top front of the pinwheel. That’s it! It just takes 5 minutes to make, so you can do it in every color you like!

She even agree on modeling!! Thanks sweetie! I hope you liked this pinwheel hair clip tutorial. Times ago, I also made this elegant hair jewelry.





Thursday 9th of April 2015

So, so, SO adorable! And the pinwheel clips are really cute too! :)

Ama Ryllis

Thursday 9th of April 2015

Thanks Kath, she agreed to model for me...I didn't even need to buy her with candy!