The easy way to make a table fire pit

I know that summer is over and that’s maybe a little late to enjoy an outdoor evening! If you are lucky enough to live in a warm country you can make this easy table fire pit to chill on your backyard. If not, you can just save the idea until next spring! It’s very simple way to make a table fire pit, you just need a few simple supplies! We really enjoy having the fire pit for our last holidays nights! It was so nice to have little chats in the backyard, even if I still have to find a way to keep the mosquitoes away! You can head over to Bob Vila to see the full step by step to make you own table fire pit.


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    Well, I will have to wait for spring or even longer, since my kid is very fascinated with fire. But about the mosquitoes: beer could also work in that trap. Or boiling a bit of water with citronellol or geraniol in it.

    • amaryllis
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      I don’t know what kind of mosquitoes we have over here but they don’t fall into the trap (even with beer…so I better drink it my shelf) and I had lemon grass and lavender, who where suppose to keep them away! It didn’t work either 🙁 But thanks for the tips 😉