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How to DIY terrazzo

diy terrazzo box

Forgotten for decades, the terrazzo makes a big come back in our interior. I give you some useful information about this material and share the best DIY to create a terrazzo effect on your decor.

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What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a composite material, made of chips of marble, quartz, granite or colored glass poured and mixed with cement or epoxy.

The top is then ground, polished, and sealed for a smooth finish.

Terrazzo technique is not new, it originates more than 500 years ago in Venice, Italy.

The workers picked up the marble scrap from building sites to use as flooring in their own residence. 

Terrazzo comes in a large variety of colors and finishes depending on the size and the color of the material mixed.

Why is terrazzo a good material?

Terrazzo is a very resistant material, which makes it the perfect choice for flooring high-traffic areas such as airports, hospitals, malls…

Even if It’s traditionally used for floor and wall treatments.

Terrazzo isn’t limited to flooring anymore, it’s also a sturdy solution to make furniture, tabletop, kitchen countertop, and backsplash.

Terrazzo style isn’t limited to the world of interior design. Nowadays, you can find clever variations of terrazzo patterns in necklaces, lighting fixtures, fabric patterns, planters, wallpapers…

So if you don’t have some serious home renovation planned any time soon, you can still add a touch of terrazzo by adding some accessories into your home.

How to DIY terrazzo?

As you know, nothing is better than DIY. Depending on what kind of object you like to create you may want to use different materials to make homemade terrazzo. 

If you want to create “real terrazzo” you can use white cement and pieces of tiles.

Place the broken pieces of tiles in a mold and then pour the cement over them.

Wait a few days for the cement to dry before unmolding and sanding. This is the technique proposed by Remodelista to create a superb terrazzo side table.

if you don’t have time to get into a long-lasting DIY, I share more simple techniques to continue.

A great option to make small items with a terrazzo look is to use polymer clay or air clay.

You can cut small pieces of different colors to make the chips and incorporate them on a white or beige clay base.

You can have a look at the DIY napkin holders Caroline made for inspiration.

Another simple way to create a faux terrazzo effect is to use paint, like the pretty DIY terrazzo planter Marwa created.

It’s quite simple: you apply a light color as the background and once it’s dry you paint small dashes of different colors. It’s very simple. 

If you don’t want to mess up with paint you may prefer a printed paper, an adhesive, or wallpaper with terrazzo print.

It’s the easiest option to achieve a terrazzo look in no time. Look how pretty the coffee table of Poppytalks turns out.

I listed a few tutorials below that will inspire you to create some beautiful terrazzo decor.

Tell me, where would you like to add terrazzo material in your home?

Would you like a total look or would you prefer just small touches? I would love to have a terrazzo coffee table!

At this point, I just covered my notebook with homemade terrazzo paper.

Have fun crafting and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for more DIY decor ideas!

The picture above: DIY terrazzo box

diy terrazzo napkin holder

DIY terrazzo napkin rings 

diy lazy susan

DIY terrazzo lazy susan

diy terrazzo table

DIY terrazzo desk

You can use a removable adhesive paper to easily achieve a terrazzo look on furniture and countertop

diy wall decor

Terrazzo wall decor mobile

diy ring holder

DIY rings cones

diy terrazzo side table

DIY terrazzo table

terrazzo necklace

DIY faux terrazzo necklace pendant

diy small tray

DIY faux terrazzo tile

make terrazzo print

How to create terrazzo print

diy table cover

Faux terrazzo table top

clay terrazzo planter

How to make a clay planter

Want to remember this? Save these DIY terrazzo ideas in your favorite Pinterest board.

10 terrazzo tutorials


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