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10+ DIY to wrap gifts with craft paper


When it comes to gift wrap, I like a little originality. What’s inside obviously matter but some pretty wrapping make the present even better! The best moments of my childhood Christmas memories are the arrivals of my uncles and aunts when they were unloading all the Christmas presents from them cars and were placing them under the tree. We where, all the kids, sitting around the tree trying to read the gift tags and wondering what was inside! You could guess from who the present was thanks to the gift wrap paper. So definitely the wrapping matter to me 😉 it’s why I made a cool selection of original gift wrap using brown paper. Have fun wrapping your presents!

Picture above: DIY splatter painter wrapping paper

DIY cutted out gift wrap

DIY painting with beads gift wrap

Simple sharpie gift wrap

DIY decorated ornament gift topper

Easy glitter gift warping

DIY photo gift wrapping

Brown paper wrap

DIY alphabet gift wrap

Yarn letter holiday gift wrap

DIY Rhinestone gift wrap

DIY gift wrap weaving