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DIY modern Christmas wreath


My son was insisting that we had to complete our Christmas decor by putting some “piece of tree” on the front door. So, I used the concrete ornaments and some fake branches, to make a modern Christmas wreath. It was very simple to realise and the weight of the concrete ornaments avoid the wreath to move with the wind.

You will need a small hoop, some fake tree branches, a copper spray paint, some ornaments, a piece of ribbon and some thread.

Try to find a place where you can hang the hoop and spray paint it on all sides.

Once the paint is dry, attach the fake branches on one half of the hoop. You can use green thread or a glue gun to fix them together.

Attach the ornaments on the wreath. Use some threat to hang them or pass them onto the branch wire.

Arrange the tree branch nicely and give the wreath a natural look. Pass a ribbon on the top of the hoop, and hang the wreath on your front door. Enjoy!


Is very different of what I made two years ago.