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DIY faux fur garland

Did you already start to decorate the house for Christmas? I plan to do that with the kids on Friday, as they don’t have school we will have plenty of time to put together the tree. I gathered some decorations and buy some extra ones, I want a white tree this year…we will see how it turns with the kids involve in the decoration. I was looking for a white garland to put on the tree and thought that faux fur will be a nice material to work with. The fluffy and soft appearance of the garland doesn’t appear very well in the pictures…. it looks much nicer in real, I swear 😉

It’s very simple to make but very messy…you will end up covered of fluffy fur!

Cut strips of faux fur of 7 inches width. I made 4 strips of the fabric lenght ( 1 1/2 yard)

Place the ends of two strips on top of each other, wrong side out and sew them together.

Once all the strips ends are sewn together, fold the garland lengthwise, pin the edges together and sew along. Put your garland right side out by passing it on the inside, the longer your garland is the longer it will take. Finish with a few hand stitches to close the garland ends. And done! I made two different colors and hang them on the sliding door for now. I want to use the white fur garland to decorate our Christmas tree…I will surely post some pics when it’s done!

The tutorial for the felt cushion is coming soon…stay tuned!



Friday 20th of December 2019

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