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How to make a pretty mosquito trap

I guess that depending on where we live and the climate, we have to deal with all kinds of different bugs and pests in the backyard. Over here we have to fight mosquitoes invasion during summertime. Every 3 months a pest control company come over and treats some areas of the yard (if you live in the USA don’t hesitate to reach Six Brothers Pest Control) Between two visits, I try to control the mosquitoes proliferation with homemade traps.

I made a pretty cover for the well known bottle trap. I just can’t see dead mosquito floating in a plastic bottle. We all do agree that this is effective, but it’s yucky!!! So now have dead mosquitoes in a pretty Art Nouveau house….much fancier!!!

You need to cut 6 in. plank into four pieces. Two pieces of 12 in. high and two of 16 in. Cut out a tip shape on the tallest ones.

Glue the four pieces together to make the house shape. You can add a few nails if needed. Cut a small rectangle to make the bottom and glue/nail it inside.

Paint the inside of the house with black paint. This will attract more mosquitoes. I used spray paint but acrylic paint will work as good.

Decor your house with nice decor. I choose to make a look alike Art Nouveau frontage using just a sharpie. I first draw a few lines with a pencil and then with the sharpie. You can make other design, or just paint the house in a funny color.

Whatever the decoration you choose, finish with a coat of transparent varnish to protect the wood from bad weather.

I follow this tutorial to make the trap, it’s still being tested.
Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1/4 cup of brown sugar, and let cool. Then pour it in the bottom of the bottle. And add a little yeast.
Put the bottle neck on top, upside down, and tape both parts together.

I will let you know if the mix water/sugar/yeast really attract mosquitoes!

Put the bottle into the little house, and place them outside next to the mosquitoes headquarters.

Wait….and expect to kill a lot of mosquitoes!



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