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DIY pinata key chain

A little key chain inspirated by the traditional Mexican pinata, the perfect little gift for 5 de Mayo. It’s quite simple to make, you will need a few wooden beads, yarn, some string and a key ring.

First pass the ring into the string, slide a bead and make a knot.

Pass a bigger bead, make a knot, and glue the bead with the string.

If you like too, you can decorate the bead to make your little pinata more funky!

Pass a few piece of yarn in each little cone bead, and glue them inside the bead to make the pinata branches.

Glue the five branches on the big bead, and done, your pinata key chain is ready to be use! I hope you enjoyed it, if you are on the look for more key ring ideas, you can have a look HERE and HERE.

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