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How to make stylish rope jewelry

It’s been a while since the last jewelry tutorial! Here is a very easy one, It’s nice to make some quick and simple project once in a while! The bracelet was so easy to make that I decide to add a pair of earrings! It took me less than 30 minutes to make both! You can use different rope colors and make a few as small gift for Christmas time, if you like too!

The supplies you will need are: jewelry rope, tube beads, end beads, clasps, rings, pliers, glue and a pair of scissors.

Cut 6 pieces of rope at your wrist size, put some glue at each end to avoid the rope to fray

Pass some beads throught the rope pieces.

Glue the rope ends inside the end beads. Attach the claps using a ring and pliers.

Tadaaaam, very easy!

It’s the same technique to make the earrings. Cut 3 pieces of rope of 4 inches, pass a bead and fold them in the middle. Glue the 6 ends into the end bead, them attach the earring hook on it with pliers. Repeat to make your second earring.

I didn’t make a necklace because it would have been a little to much, but it will be so easy to make also.

Pretty cool no? I may have to give a try with different rope shades in the same bracelet! What do you think? If you want more jewelry tutorials, you can have a look at my DIY jewelry page.


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