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A little upgrade in the bathroom

We finally have a mirror in our bathroom! I’m so happy that I wanted to share it with you! We painted the bathroom 3 years ago. I took off the ugly cabinet we had and expected to find a nice mirror quickly. Obviously this didn’t happen! I wasn’t sure of what I wanted and didn’t put to much attention on it!
Last weekend I feel like a need to order the kids closets, sorting the clothes, folding and organizing everything. There is a small room next to my daughter, which a day will become a bathroom, but for now we use it as an attic (understand the place to store any kind of craps). As I was in a cleaning-organizing mood, and it only happens once in a while, I cleaned it too. And I found that:

We have this standing mirror in our bedroom for a while, then one of the feet broke and I took it off. As it’s not a style that I like, I just put it in the attic and forgot about it! I was about to throw it away when it occurs me to try if it will works hanged in the bathroom. The size match perfectly above the sinks, and the oval shape looks great in contrast with the lines of the tiles. Even my husband agreed!!



I put two eye screws on the back and hang it on the wall! It looks so nice, I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that we already have the perfect mirror! Conclusion: I have to order the house more often!

As you can see the bathroom is a work in progress, I’m still on the look for nice sconce lights, and I have to build some shelving under the sinks. Any suggestion?



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