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How to make a fringed planter

I guess “baby garbage” inspire me to create upcycling crafts. So after the diaper box, I decided to turn a baby milk can into a planter. It’s not a new idea, tin cans are a great material to craft with. In my opinion you have to find a way to cover them to hide the strip shapes. Because even painted, if you still can see that lines it’s still look like a can….maybe a prettier tin can but still a can. I didn’t want to have a can planter so I covered it with yarn to make a boho fringed planter!


Material you will need to make a fringed planter:

  • A tin can (baby milk, coffee…these work great because they don’t have sharp edge)
  • Several shade of yarn
  • bias or ribbon, about 1/2 inch width and matching the yarn color.
  • a glue gun
  • cardboard
  • a ruler, a pencil and a set square
  • Scissors
  • 3 plastic caps
  • Spray paint, also matching the yarn color.

You first need to create a cardboard temple the size of your can side. Measure the high and the perimeter of the can and report the measurements on the cardboard to create a rectangle. Cut it out.

Wrap the yarn around the cardboard from edge to edge.

Cut a piece of ribbon 5 inches longer than the cardboard. Using the glue gun put little glue on the yarn, as close as possible to the cardboard edge. Smoothy press the ribbon on the glue to fix it with the yarn…watch your finger the glue is hot.

Once the ribbon and the yarn are glued together, cut the yarn following the opposite cardboard edge.


Repeat with different colors. For this planter I made three yarn garlands, 2 white and 1 pink.

At this step you can also glue the plastic caps on the bottom of the tin can and spray paint everything with a matching color. As I used white a light pink yarn I paint the can white.

I realize after gluing the yarn that a raised planter will look nicer. So I glue the caps afterword and had to cover the planter with plastic and masking tape to spray paint the caps…total mess! It’s much easier it you do it before gluing the yarn.

Put some glue on the planter, wrap the yarn around the planter and tie a double knot with the ribbon ends. Cut the extra ribbon lenght and add a dot of glue on the knot to fix it. Repeat the same for all the yarn garland you made, start with the one next to the top edge and glue the others under. To make thing easier, put the yarn fringes of the already glued garland inside the planter while gluing the following garland.

This is when I realized that a raised planter will look better, so I glued perfume caps on the can bottom and spray paint them….but you have already made that step, so let’s move on.

Give your planter a nice “hair cut”, try to cut all the yarn of the same layer at the same high.

Tadam!!! Here is the fringed planter! I liked it but wanted to try something more. so I cut the top white layer shorter and trim the pink layer with a chevron shape…can you spot the difference on the pic under?

I think it looks nice that way? Don’t you agree?

I left the plant in its plastic pot and I just slid it into the planter, I did not want to risk dirtying the yarn with soil!

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