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Make a fun Christmas sweater

What kind of outfit will you wear for Christmas eve? Are you more for a classy look or for an ugly Christmas sweater? And for the kids? Usually, I just go the easy way, they wear something red and I pretend it’s a special Christmas outfit. Their clothes match the Santa ones, so they are happy!  I wanted to made a little more this year. So I get those sweaters for 5 dollars and stenciled them with a stylized reindeer. Easy to make and cost effective.

Materials & tools: a sweater, some freezer paper, a pencil, a cutter, some fabric paint, a paint brush, the free reindeer template, an iron.

Download first the reindeer template and print it on the freezer paper. To do so, cut a piece of freezer paper at US letter size and print on it. One side of the freezer paper has a plastic coat on it, be sure you will print the template on the no-coated side.

Use a cutter to cut out the antlers shapes and the nose.

Center the template on the sweater, the plastic coated side down and iron. The plasic will melt and adhere to the sweater. No worries, it will not ruin your sweater.

Place some paper or cardboard inside your sweater to protect the back of eventual paint stain.

Start painting. Apply the paint by little touch. I will suggest you to put at least 2 coats.

Every fabric paint has specific use, some need to be iron other not…so
just have a look to the label and figure out the proper way to use your
fabric paint.

When the paint is dry, remove the template. Grab a corner and pull it out, it’s super easy.

And done! Ready to celebrate with your super funny Christmas sweaters!

This is the first time they have a twin look! They had fun making the pics and I (almost) didn’t have to beg them!