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DIY to try # Blanket

There is two thing I like about winter, wearing boots and slip into my bed under thick blankets. It reminds me when I was a kid and I was staying at my grandma’s house. She never used duvets, just simple sheet with a bunch of heavy blankets! There was a special way to make the bed, some blankets were placed on the feet, others on the sides … I never understood!! And every single morning all the blankets were upside down. But I liked the feeling of the blankets weight that almost kept me from moving! Nowadays I prefer to sleep with a duvet and a cosy blanket on top is essential during winter time. Make one for yourself and check those awesome tutorials, some are crochet, other sew and even one stamp!

 A faux fur and flannel blanket // A Beautiful Mess

 Learn to crochet a chunky blanket // Always Rooney

 Extra large chunky crochet blanket // The sister side of mommy hood

 DIY aztec stamped trow // The pretty life girls

 DIY chunky tassels blanket // Design*Sponge

How to sew a king size blanket

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