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The office chair makeover

I keep working on my office / craft room makeover. After upgrading the plastic drawers, it was time to give a new life to my office chair. A nice fabric can always make a big difference! I’m far to finish the office makeover, I still have a big painting job to do. The hardest part it’s gonna be moving all the crafts supplies and books I have around. Meanwhile I give you some tips for covering an office chair.

Let’s start with the seat part. Unscrew it from the base.

Cover the cushion with new fabric. I choose to keep the old fabric because it’s quilted fabric and I wanted the chair to remain comfortable. You have two options to fix the new fabric on the seat; stapling the fabric on the wooden base or sew it on the old fabric. I choose the last one, it works pretty well but takes more time. I already use the sewing technique before and the fabric remain in place perfectly.

Now the back, unscrew it from the base. Mine came in 3 pieces: cushion, plastic back and a plastic front part (which I threw away). The plastic back was fitted into the pillow and when I pull to separate them, the plastic back broken a bit.

With a utility knife, I cut the plastic back cover at the same dimension as the cushion. I fixed the broken parts with glue and duke tape..

Cover the plastic back with fabric. Stretch the fabric and glue it inside the cover using a glue gun.

You can cover the back cushion the same way you did for the seat.

Screw back on the chair the cushion, and then, fit the back cover on it.

And that’s it, a nice desk chair with 2 yards of fabric. The total cost for this project was 6$ (just the fabric actually). I’m so happy with my new office chair, I hope you like it!

And it looks nice from the back too!


Junaid Hassan

Monday 13th of January 2020

Thanks for sharing DIY ideas about furniture chairs and other products


Tuesday 18th of April 2017


Rocco K. Brown

Saturday 11th of June 2016

What a chair

Nine Nike

Friday 13th of May 2016



Sunday 3rd of January 2016

Love it! You did a fantastic job. I never would have looked at that chair, now after seeing what it can look like I feel like I have one. Office Star