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Sugar skull Garland


Dia de los muertos is one of my favorite holidays. Mexican celebrations are very impressive and the decors are stunning.

They make altars all over the place: at school, downtown, and even at the supermarket. They use colored paper flags, flowers, and sugar skulls as altar decorations to commemorate the dead.

Last year I made some candle holders and goody bags, following the Mexican inspiration I give a try with a skull cord light garland. It’s a very simple craft to upgrade a cord light for Halloween.

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How to make a sugar skull garland

Material and supplies you will need to make this craft:

Watch the video step-by-step to make the sugar skull garland


You need one skull pair for each light bulb. Print as much as needed. Cut them out. The Calavera skulls must remain attached in pairs.

 Use a utility knife to cut the cross between both skulls. This is where you gonna slide the bulb in.

Fold each side of the center square, just on top of the skull.

Pass the light bulb into the cross opening.

Glue both lower part of the skulls together.

Repeat the same for each bulb of your cord light. And enjoy your original Halloween decor!



sugar skull garland print





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