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    DIY Desk Organizer Caddy
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    Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY
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    DIY flower vase with concrete
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DIY sugar skull flower crown

There is two kind of people, the ones how love wearing a costume and wait for Halloween to disguise themself. And the others who don’t like costume at all…I belong to the second category! I…

DIY to try # sugar skull craft

One of the best thing about Halloween is to have a good excuse to put sugar skull everywhere! I love calaveras! I like their color and their ironic representation of death. I thing day of…

DIY Halloween costume Sugar Skull Bride

  Did you have your costume ready for Halloween? The kids are very exited about it. As a lazy mom I first thought of using the same bat costume as last year, and the year…

DIY calavera skull decoration

If there wasn’t enough Calaveras on the blog yet, I made some more on Dream a Little Bigger! This is a nice Halloween craft to do with your kids! I’m sure they will love the…

Halloween calavera skull garland

The Halloween month has officially started on the blog…. I like Mexican day of the death celebrations much more than Halloween pumpkins, so you gonna see a lot of Calaveras in the next few weeks!…

A calaveras halloween garland

  Dia de los muertos is one of my favorite holidays. Mexicans celebrations are very impressive and decors are stunning. They make altars all over the place: at school, downtown, and even at the supermarket.…

Sugar skull Candle Votive

Halloween is coming … so some decoration was needed! I think the Mexican decorations for “el dia de los muertos” are beautiful. It’s where I did get the inspiration to make these lanterns. Feel free…