10 crafts for a Beautiful & Natural Christmas decor

I never thought much about our house Christmas decor, but this year I want to try to have a unified decoration all around the house. I’ve seen a lot of colored decors, like rainbow Christmas tree and poly-chrome ornaments. They are far away from the traditional red-green colors we usually see. Even if they look gorgeous and I appreciate the bright and happy decor they can bring into the house, it’s not me. I feel much comfortable with a classic and natural Christmas decor. Wood, pine branches, leather, pine cones, a touch of copper and gold here and there, are the things I like as Christmas decorations. So if like me, you are looking to create a beautiful and natural winter decor here goes a selection of 10 easy crafts to make some gorgeous ornaments.


Picture above: DIY mini Christmas tree

A paper Christmas tree mobile

A modern leather ornament

How to make a beautiful holidays wreath

Modern paper ornament

DIY mini wooden Christmas tree

DIY simple wooden beads ornament

How to make a winter pompoms wreath

DIY wooden beads wreath

How to make asymmetrical holidays wreaths


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