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How to sew a pregnancy skirt in one hour

First the big new, which you can guess by reading the post title, we are expecting our third child! It was a big surprise and we are very happy! I’m 5 months pregnant and every thing goes fine so fare! So, as you can imagine there will have some baby DIY on the blog during the next months. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I’m! Don’t worry I will keep working on home decor projects too!

I start by making something for me, a pregnancy skirt! I usually wear denims, almost every days! So obviously I get some pregnancy ones…but as my belly grows, I don’t want to wear pants anymore! They become very uncomfortable. I really need to wear very cozy clothes. My husband’s sweat pants are a good option when staying home…but they doesn’t look good at all! So I used a old T-shirt and a yard of fabric to make a pretty and cozy pregnancy skirt. I was a very easy sewing project, it took me less that an hour to complete!

If you aren’t pregnant, you can also sew yourself a regular skirt following this tutorial. The only thing you will need to change is reducing the size of the belt.

You will need an old t-shirt (a fit size model, your man xxl t-shirt won’t work), one yard of fabric, matching thread, pins, scissors and a sewing machine.

You can also have a look at this dress tutorial if you have more t-shirts to upcycle!

Cut your t-shirt under the arm opening to make the skirt belt. The high of the belt must be approximately 12 inches. I’m tall so you can reduce the dimension if you need too. Also if you want to make a regular skirt a 4 inches belt high will work great.

Take your yard of fabric. The fabric I choose was 1 1/2 yard width. Take the longest side of the fabric, make a fold and pin it. Sew along the fold to make the bottom hem of the skirt.

Fold the fabric in the middle, wrong side out and the bottom hem on one side. Place both edges on top of each other and pin.

Sew both edges together. At this point you will have a tube of fabric, open on top and bottom. You can leave an unsew part to create a slit on the skirt side. I
made a small one starting under the knees.

Turn you skirt fabric right side out, and try on your skirt to check the lenght. If necessary cut a strip of fabric for your skirt have the right measure.
Take the t-shirt belt and turn it wrong side out. Slip the belt around the skirt top. Pin both edges together making smalls folds with the skirt fabric. Sew both fabrics together using large zigzag points. When sewing, pull a little the t-shirt jersey fabric, so that the belt of the skirt remains elastic and is easy to put on.

Take of the pins, iron the seams and ready to wear! What do you think?

It’s still a little to cold outside to wear it, but hopefully the weather will improve in the coming weeks!




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Friday 17th of March 2017

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