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DIY paper weaving wall art

A few weeks ago I made the first DIY paper wall art (the left one). It was fun a quite easy to archive. So I thought that a second one to match will maybe a good ideas. I used the same paper colors but an other technique, paper weaving. I hanged them next to each other in our bedroom and I really like it! So what do you think?

To make you own paper wall art, you will need a white sheet and several color paper, a pencil, an eraser, a cutter, a ruler, a pair of scissors, some glue.
First cut the white sheet at your frame dimension. With the pencil, draw a rectangle in the center of the paper to define the cutting area. Cut vertical strips of 1 cm width, the strip must remain attached to the paper sheet on the top and bottom part. This will be your weaving canvas. Once you are done cutting, carefully erase the pencil marks.

Take your colored paper sheets and also cut them into strips of 1cm width, the strips must be long enough to be pass through the canvas. Start weaving with your colored strips. Just pass the strips through the canvas, one time under the white strips and one time above it. Don’t forget that you must alternate the passages above and below the canvas strips when you weave.

Alternate the strip colors to create different shapes. This was my first attempt so the design is very simple. I guess with some practice one is be able to create more elaborate shapes.

Once you are done with weaving, flip the sheet to see the back and cut the extra length of the strips.

Glue the edges of the strips on the white paper. It helps to prevent the strips from moving when you put them in the frame. Place your wall art into the frame and hang it! And done, enjoy!

Another DIY wall art idea is to do acrylic pouring. View this site to learn more. Don’t forget one of the benefits of creating art is earning when you sell your piece, so this could be another reason to try and unleash your creativity.


The jewelry stand on the pic was originally a cup holder…I know, I even recycle my own DIY!!! Anyway, if you like it you can have a look at the tutorial HERE!


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  1. Woodroom
    * * * / * * *

    Bardzo interesujący blog i super pomysł.

  2. Deepthi
    * * * / * * *

    That was very innovative..nice art work..would love to try it..

    • amaryllis
      * * * / * * *

      Hello Deepthi, I’m glad you like it. The prints are available to download on my Esty shop 😉