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DIY Make a stool with bucket #1

We finish painting, making the closet (thanks Mister Carpenter), cleaning and organizing (I was kind of alone on that part) in our bedroom…so here comes the fun part: decorating!
I wanted a stool in our closed to put shoes on/take them off (we are not getting any younger), I’ve got an Ikea one…but it was more fun to make it!
Today the first part of the tutorial to make this stool upcycling a paint bucket (I’ve got few as you can imagine).

You gonna need for the part #1:
Dowel (diameter 3cm / 1.2″), 12 screws, 12 washers, bucket.
Drill, saw, screwdriver, level tool, measuring tape.

 Clean the bucket, and saw the top part as shown. The bucket height must be around 28 cm / 11″. 
 Sand the edges.

Cut the dowel in 4 parts of 41cm/16″ each, sand edges. Draw four vertical lines on the bucket. Lines must be equidistant. My bucket circumference was 90cm / 35.5″ so I drew a line every 22.5 cm / 9″. Then I measured the distance to place the screws. From bottom to top I placed 3 screws, at 3-13-23 cm / 1-5-9″.

Drill holes in the bucket (3 for each dowel). Place dowel in the bucket. Mark the location of the holes with a pencil on the dowel. Drill holes where the pencil mark is, do it for each dowel.

Put washer and screw dowel to the bucket. I didn’t have large clamps, so I stuck a piece of wood in the bottom of the bucket to keep the dowel fixed while I drove the screw.

What you must have at this point! Not pretty (yet) but functional stool! See you tomorrow for the second and last part of the tutorial!


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