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How to make a paper lampshade

Well it’s been months that the office need a makeover, but I’m to lazy to move and organize all the crafts supplies. No kidding it’s gonna take forever! I had built a desk with my dad years ago, and I painted it orange. By the time I thought it was a good idea….wrong!!! I will have to start working on it after the vacation, I can’t hold this orange anymore!! So I start with something easy, a new lampshade!

This is the current lampshade, orange off course, to match the desk!! So time for a change!

I used my super cheap recycled hanging system. To make it you will need 4 dowels, threat and a plastic bottle neck. All the details and instructions are HERE.

To make the lampshade, I cut a large piece of thin cardboard (about 57 x 12 inches). The cardboard I used has one side white and the other brown. The white is perfect for the inside of the lampshade and I painted the brown side in black. I just use acyclic paint and a brush.

Once the paint is dry, I draw half circles on the all surface, using a bottle cap as a shape. I try to align them with each others, but I didn’t take any measure.

Then, I cut all the half circles using a utility knife. It’s not difficult but it takes a little patience

I fold the cardboard and glue the ends together. Then I attach it with the dowel structure using push pins. More details on how to mount the lampshade HERE.

And ready to hang!! Don’t forget to ALWAYS use energy saving bulbs, they don’t heat!


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