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DIY to Try # upcycled tin cans

Like plastic bottles we use tin cans almost every day. What about recycling them instead of throwing them away. Of course we don’t want our house to look like an extension of the recycling center, so here is a selection of 12 stylish DIY to repurpose tin cans and use them all around the house. Your can barely know what material is use to create these stunning items!! Tell me, which project is you favorite? I really like the lanterns. Have fun crafting!

 Upcycled tin cans planters // A beautiful mess

 DIY desk lamp

DIY cactus plants // Crafted sparrow

 DIY essential oil burner // Eskaa

 DIY table lamp // Johanna Rundel


 DIY tin cans lanterns // Craft foxes

 DIY concrete vase from tin cans // Love create celebrate

 Fishy tin cans (free printable) // Rebecca DIY

 Beaded tin can // crafts and creativity

 DIY marbled tin can planters // Sisoo

Upcycled tin can organizer // Mountain modern life

DIY quart tin can lanterns // Mom spark

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