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Interior inspiration # Greenery

Picture 1

 I want to give a try with a new post serie about interior inspiration. I want to propose you a selection of a few pictures on a specific decor theme, and give you a few tips on how you can archive these looks into your house. I hope you will like it. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any suggestion or if you want us to talk about a specific topic.

Today, let’s talk about green walls. Greenery is pantone color of the years and you can see a lot of green interior around pinterest lately. It’s a dark and bold color, very present into the space. It works very well with white (pic 4), light mint green, wood and gold touch.

If you are not an adept of the total green look for a room, you can choose to paint only one wall (pic 5). Generally what works best when using dark color in only one wall, is painting the wall opposite the windows. Or you can also try the unconventional option to paint a corner (the pic 1). In both case use masking tape to delimit the area to be painted.

An other way to add green is painting only the lower part of the walls (pic 3), generally one third of the wall high is a good proportion. You can also play it a little more audacious and work with a two third of dark green. In this case is it will be wise to paint the upper part of the wall and the ceiling in light and similar tones (pic 2).

If you are truly a greenery lover, you can try the total green look. Paint the walls, the furniture and the woodworking in the same tone (pic 6). It’s an interesting option for small rooms like an entrance or a night hall. It’s also a good solution if you want to integrate thrifted furniture to the decor. It will aslo enhance any other decorative objet you will add to the room. Remember that even if you use the same color everywhere, you need to apply specific kind of paint for each different surface.

And if green if definitely not your color, you can always add a few plants 😉

Picture 2

 Picture 3

 Picture 4

 Picture 5

Picture 6

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