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How to sew a baby ring sling

There is only one month left until we welcome our baby girl. Most of the things are ready, and as she is our third child we are way more relax that for our first. I use a lot my baby ring sling for my two elders, from new born to 1 or 2 years old. It’s a nice and easy way to carry your baby, and it’s the best way I found to keep my hands free! So I had one, but I can’t find it anymore! Luckily it’s quite easy to make. It can also be a great homemade present if you have some basic sewing skills.

Material you will need: 2 1/2 yard of fabric (linen or cotton), two sling rings, some thread, scissors, an iron and a sewing machine.

Cut the fabric in half lengthwise, to make your ring sling you will need a piece of 2 1/2 yard long by 30 inches width (220 cm x 75 cm) . Make a double fold on the long edges, iron, pin and sew.

Take one end of your fabric and make small folds of one inch width. You need to have all the fabric width folded. Iron to mark each fold and pin. To hold the folds, sew with zigzag points, the end of the fabric. Then make a second seam, also with zigzag points, at 8 inches from the edge. Remove all the pins.

Now that all the folds are sewn together, pass both rings through the fabric. Fold the fabric to hold the rings and pin the two seams on top of each others. With zigzag points, sew them together. Pass several time to be sure that the seam is strong enough and that your ring sling can hold a baby or a toddler weight.

I finish the last end of the sling adding a cotton lace. You can simply make a double fold and sew the edge if you prefer.

Add finish! I will add more pictures once I have a baby to carry in! Meanwhile you can have a look at this video to know the different ways to use your baby sling


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