How to upgrade plastic drawers

We all know those plastic storage drawers…..they are practical and ugly! Maybe you own some! We have a few units all over the house, in the closets and the playroom. I also have some under my desk…and I can’t see them anymore! While waiting to find a better solution, I made a quick upgrade! They look nicer and the mess remain hidden in the drawers! I found this idea on Madigan Made blog years ago and I kept it in the back of my mind, waiting the opportunity to use it.


For each drawer, you need to cut a piece of thin cardboard (here 21’X7′) and cover up with a nice paper. Depending of the paper thickness you use, you may not need to glue it on a cardboard. Slide it inside the drawer and fix it with some tape! That’s it! Very simple!
I love the black and white pattern lines, it gives a modern twist.

The others DIY on this pics are:


I will put them back under my desk, so the sides won’t be visible. But if you want a better finish, you can do the same on the drawers side.



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    What a great idea! I have several of these plastic drawer units and they DO look pretty ugly. This should be a pretty quick facelift for all of them–already have the perfect paper to use! Thanks for sharing!

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      I'm glad you like it! It's very quick to do and it does make a big difference!

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    These boxes are interesting to buy just because we can see what we put in !
    Si on cache ce qu'il y a dedans, ça n'a plus aucun intérêt, autant acheter D'AUTRES BOITES qui sont jolies : ce n'est pas ce qui manque ! 🙂

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      There are not always other options available at a low price! I bought them because they are cheap, but I don't like to see all the stuff inside! The advantage is that the deco is easy to put on or remove as needed!

      Il n'y a pas toujours d'autres options disponibles a un aussi bas prix! J'ai acheté ces tiroirs parce qu'ils sont économiques, mais je n'aime pas voir le bazar a l’intérieur! L'avantage c'est que la deco est facile a mettre ou enlever en fonction des besoins!

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      Hello Cecilia, It's just silk paper. I found it at IKEA.

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    What would I spray the white with? Mine us pretty dingy.

    • amaryllis
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      Hello Sandra, it exists spray paint that are designed for plastic (to paint outdoor furniture as example) or you can first use a primer spray. You should find them in your hardware store.

    • amaryllis
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      Thanks. It’s a super easy way to upgrade drawers