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How to upgrade plastic drawers

We all know those plastic storage drawers…..they are practical and ugly! Maybe you own some!

We have a few units all over the house, in the closets, and in the playroom. I also have some under my desk…and I can’t see them anymore!

While waiting to find a more aesthetic solution, I made a quick upgrade!

They look nicer and the mess remains hidden in the drawers! I found this idea on Madigan Made blog years ago and I kept it in the back of my mind, waiting for the opportunity to use it. I show you how to hack plastic drawers below.

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DIY Plastic drawers makeover

Materials you will need:

  • Thin cardboard
  • Nice patterned paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
You can use any kind of paper to decorate your plastic drawers, from wallpaper to scrapbooking paper. But the best option is using wrapping paper: it’s cheap, comes with nice patterns (check these designs), and is long enough to cover the drawer length in one piece.

For each drawer, you need to cut a piece of thin cardboard. The size I used was 21’X7′. If you want to hack a different size of plastic drawer, the cardboard needs to be slightly shorter than the drawer front. So you can slide it inside.

Cover the cardboard with your nice paper. I prefer to glue the paper on cardboard as it makes it last longer. But depending on the paper thickness you use, you may not need to glue it on a cardboard.

Slide the cardboard inside the drawer and fix it with some tape! That’s it! Very simple!

I love the black and white pattern lines, it gives a modern twist.

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The others DIY on this pics are:


I will put them back under my desk, so the sides won’t be visible. But if you want a better finish, you can do the same on the drawers side.

Want to remember it? Save this easy plastic drawer hack in your favorite Pinterest board.

Easy plastic storage hack



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