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How to make a spiky planter

If you follow the blog for  awhile you know that I’m a plant lady. I’m so happy that I finally learn how to keep most of my house plants alive that I can’t stop bringing new ones home. Each plant deserve a nice planter, I found some simple ones at Home depot, they are white and very affordable…So I like to find ways to personalize them. You can have a look here and here for the customized planters tutorials, but being honest I think this spiky planter is my favorite so fare! You wouldn’t believe what I used to make it! It’s much more simple than you think! Head over at Dream a Little bigger for the complete how-to!

A pic of my jungle corner in the kitchen!



Tuesday 27th of March 2018

I have some friends birthday coming up, this is an idea for their gifts


Wednesday 28th of March 2018

As a plant lady I totally agree, a nice plant is always a great gift ;)