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Toilet Paper Roll Bunny: The Ultimate Upcycling Project

toilet paper roll bunny

Are you looking for a creative and sustainable way to decorate your home for Easter? Look no further than the humble toilet paper roll!

Learn how to transform ordinary cardboard tubes into adorable bunny decorations that will add a touch of charm to your space. From the materials needed to step-by-step instructions and decorating tips, we’ve got you covered.

Join the upcycling movement and start crafting unique pieces while reducing waste.

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Materials Needed

supplies to make easter bunny

Let’s start by gathering the materials needed for this fun and eco-friendly project. Te make bunnies, you will need:

Once you have all your materials ready, we can move on to the step-by-step instructions to create your adorable Easter bunny decorations.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Step-by-Step Instructions

toilet paper roll easter craft

To begin creating your toilet paper roll bunny, start by cutting the roll into slices of 1/2 inch (1,5 cm) width.

toilet paper roll easter craft

Take one of the slice to make the bunny head. Make 4 small notches, 2 on each side of the roll slice.

5 minutes easter bunny

To make the bunny whiskers grab some twine rope and cut two pieces. Make a knot to attach them together.

easy to make bunny decoration

Slide each end of the rope into a notch. Adjust pulling a little the twine so the knot is centered to make the bunny noze.

ears to make easter bunny

Time to make the bunny ears. Take the two remaining roll pieces. Cut a piece of rope, fold it and glue it on the side of one ear. Then glue to second ear on top of it, so the twine is fixed between the bunny ears and you will be able to hang your Easter decoration anywhere.

easy to make easter bunny

Add a dot of glue at the bottom of each ear and fix them on the bunny head. And done, you just made a cute Toilet paper roll bunny decoration in less than 5 minutes.

DIY toilet paper roll bunny

This adorable upcycling project is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your Easter decor. For some creative decorating tips to make your toilet paper roll bunnies even more unique, keep reading.

Watch the Toilet Paper Roll Bunny step-by-step video on Youtube

Decorating Tips

For a personalized touch, consider using different colors each toilet paper roll bunny. Experiment covering the rolls with washi tape with various designs, such as stripes, polka dots, or even floral prints, to make each bunny distinct.

You can also try using Easter ribbon or wool to make the whiskers.

toilet paper roll bunny

You can collect a few branches, place them on a vase and hang the bunnies on them. You can also add a few bunnies to a bouquet of fresh flowers to create a pretty Easter table centerpiece.

toilet paper roll bunny

You can also string them on a piece of rope and create a garland to decorate your home.

toilet paper roll bunny
toilet paper roll bunny

These simple decorating tips will elevate your Easter bunny decorations to a whole new level of cuteness. Once you’ve added these personal touches, your upcycled creations will be ready to showcase your home during the Easter season.

Embrace your creativity and have fun making each toilet paper roll bunny one-of-a-kind.

So grab those empty toilet paper rolls, gather your crafting supplies, and start transforming them into something special.

Let’s embrace the art of upcycling and make a positive impact on our environment one bunny at a time. Happy crafting!

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toilet paper roll bunny