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Beautiful Butterfly Wall Decor DIY

DIY butterfly wall decor

I have a thing for toilet paper roll crafts. This material is free and super easy to work with. Tt´s perfect to create seasonal decorations like this Butterfly Wall Decor.

Add a touch of whimsy to your home with this easy and creative DIY butterfly wall decor project.

With just a few simple materials, you can create a stunning piece of art that will bring a smile to any room.

Whether you want to create an elegant or quirky design, the options are endless with this 3D butterfly wall decor.

Let’s get started and transform your walls into a beautiful butterfly wonderland!

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toilet paper rolls to make butterfly

How do you make a toilet roll butterfly?

First you need to gather a few supplies:

If you like to craft with toilet paper rolls, you may like to try these.

You will need double sided tape to fix the butterflies on the wall, this one is the best option as it won’t damage the wall and it’s material will hold well the butterflies.

Start by painting the cardboard rolls, in and out. I choose to work with pastel colors. Feel free to use any colors that match your decoration or your mood.

Make this craft with me watching the video of DIY butterfly wall decor.

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Cut to make DIY butterfly

Pess the toilet roll flat and cut it into slices. In one roll you can make one large and one small butterfly.

Try to cut 8 pieces out of the roll.

Glue to make cardboard butterfly

You will need 5 cardboard slices to make a large butterfly. Take the first piece, add a dot of glue inside.

DIY toilet roll butterfly

Press to make the butterfly body.

Glue the butterfly wings

Glue two pieces on one side of the body to make a first wing.

Repeat on the other side to make the second wing.

DIY 3D butterfly

And done! It´s that easy to make a butterfly out of a toilet paper roll.

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Make butterfly with cardboard roll

Take 3 “slices” of cardboard roll to make a small butterfly.

Open one piece and cut each side of the opening diagonally to create tips.

easy diy butterfly

Glue sides together to make the butterfly body. As you can see the tips look like the butterfly antennas.

how to make diy butterfly

Fold the two other pieces in the middle.

glue the butterfly wings

Add a little glue and fix them on each side of the body to make the wings.

easy diy paper butterfly

Open a little the wings to give them a nice shape and done. It’s also very simple to craft a small butterfly.

easy wall decor butterfly

Make as many butterflies as you like. To give you an idea, I made 10 small and 10 large butterflies to create my wall decor.

Add pieces of double sided tape on the back of each butterfly.

DIY butterfly wall decoration

Spred the DIY butterflies on the wall to create a colorful cloud.

DIY butterfly wall decor

I hope you enjoyed this butterfly craft idea for wall.
It´s perfect to decorate for spring. And It´s a fun craft to make with children too.

If you like more detailed instructions, go watch the video tutorial.

I love to see your creations, please share them in the comments or on Instagram @ohoh.deco

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3D butterfly decoration

How to paper paper butterfly

Easy DIY butterfly

Want to remember it? Save this DIY Butterfly wall decor on your favorite Pinterest board.

DIY butterfly wall decor

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