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30 Toilet Paper Rolls crafts ideas for adults

What can I make out of toilet paper rolls?

Fun and creative ideas abound!

With a little paint and imagination, you can turn simple paper rolls into amazing creations. From decorations and ornaments to baskets and lamps, the possibilities are endless.

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Here goes a short list of material you will need to make these DIY:

This pack is great as it offer differents color of cardboard tubes, perfect to make the following DIY.

Get creative and have fun with this repurposed material. Check out what you can make out of toilet paper rolls for new and interesting projects that will keep you busy and entertained.

What can you make out of toilet rolls for Christmas?

Be prepared to make your home merry and bright this holiday season!

With a fun twist on decorations, Christmas Toilet Paper Rolls are the perfect way to add a festive cheer to your holiday decor.

Whether you choose to make classic ornaments, a star garland, or create a whimsical wreath for your wall, these festive TP rolls will provide an unexpected touch of holiday cheer.

Christmas ornament flower with toilet rolls

Christmas ornament flower with toilet roll

DIY toilet paper roll ornaments

DIY toilet paper rolls ornaments

Toilet rolls advent calendar

star garland with cardboard rolls

DIY star garland

toilet paper roll gift box

Toilet paper roll gift box

DIY cardboard roll Christmas ornaments

Toilet roll garland DIY

Christmas crackers DIY

Christmas crackers DIY

How do you make a flower out of toilet paper rolls?

Introducing a new and exciting way to add a splash of color and beauty to your décor – flower toilet paper rolls!

These unique DIY flowers have bright and vibrant colors that will make your home look amazing and add a splash of springtime freshness to your life.

Toilet paper roll flower 1

Toilet paper roll flower

Origami toilet roll flower

flowers with toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper roll flowers

DIY tulip with cardboard roll

Wall decor Paper Roll crafts

Are you looking to add some style and interest to your home decor? Look no further than DIY wall decor made with cardboard rolls!

These versatile, eco-friendly craft allows you to customize your walls to fit your individual style.

Whether you want to add a pop of color or a statement piece, wall decor cardboard rolls make it easy to create the perfect look for any space. Have fun trying one of these toilet paper rolls craft ideas for adults.

DIY mandala with cardboard

DIY cardboard tube wall organizer

Butterfly wall art with toilet rolls

Toilet paper roll wall art

Toilet paper roll wall art

How to decorate with toilet paper rolls?

Looking to add a unique touch to your home décor? Look no further than recycling cardboard rolls!

From creating a lamp to making a unique basket or garland, there are endless possibilities with cardboard rolls.

With just a few simple supplies, you can turn ordinary cardboard rolls into custom décor elements that will add a unique look to any room in the house.

Toilet paper roll ceiling lamp

Toilet paper roll ceiling lamp

DIY Hanging decoration

diy lampshade with toilet paper roll

DIY Toilet paper rolls Lampshade

toilet paper rolls lamp DIY

DIY Cardboard lighting

Ceiling lamp made with toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper roll bowl DIY

Toilet paper roll bowl DIY

DIY heart garland with toilet rolls

DIY Heart garland

toilet paper roll pumpkin

Toilet paper roll pumpkin

toilet paper roll napkin ring DIY

Napkin ring made with cardboard roll

Toilet paper rolls box DIY

Toilet paper rolls box DIY

Toilet paper roll lamp

Toilet paper roll lamp

toilet paper roll decor DIY

Toilet paper roll decor DIY

Recycled jewelry box

toilet roll wreath DIY

Toilet rolls wreath DIY

DIY weaved basket with toilet rolls

DIY Toilet paper rolls Lampshade

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Tammy Wesley

Friday 15th of March 2024

Love all these easy crafts my granddaughter will love these she is 8 and all these will be stuff she can make with my help saving the paper rolls. Thank you for all your great ideas. Keep it up


Friday 15th of March 2024

Thank you! Have fun crafting with your granddaughter. You can find more ideas here: