How to make an advent calendar with paper

Time of the years to take out Christmas decorations and start counting down the days until Christmas night. My kids love to open each day them advent calendar. It has become a little tradition in our family that each year I make the advent calendar! So I was not going to miss my duty, and I’m even a little ahead for once. The hardest is gonna be to wait until December first to open the first small package.

Material you will need: 8 sheets of green paper (light and dark), one yellow sheet, some gold star stickers, a wire hanger, glue, scissors, a piece of small rope, a hole punch and some little surprises or candies.

Cut each paper sheets in three equal strips, width side. You need to have 24 pieces, 23 green and one yellow.

Make little bags with each paper strip. Put glue on one small side and one long side.

Fold the strip to glue small sides together.

Press the side with the glue on top of each other to make the bottom of the bag.

Repeat until you made 24 bags. Grab some candies, little toys or Christmas quotes to fill every paper bag.

Put some glue on the inside of the open side and press the edges together to close the bags. You have to glue the edges on the opposite way of the bottom, to create small pyramids bags. Punch one hole in every bag.

Cut a piece of wire of 12 inches (30 cm) and use a pliers to make a little loop at each end.

Pass 5 bags on the wire. Cut two piece of rope of 35 inches (90 cm). On each piece you will attach 9 paper bags. As you made a hole in every bag, pass the bags through the rope and make a knot, this will hold the bag in place once you hang you advent Christmas tree.

Attach with a knot each end of the rope on the wire loops. Joint the other ends of the rope together and tie a knot to make the Christmas tree tip. Pass the last yellow bag thought it and hang you advent tree on the wall.

Use a sharpie to write a day on each star stickers.

Put a star on every bags! Your Christmas tree advent calendar is ready! On December first you can start open a bag to discover which little surprise is inside!




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