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How to make a wall display shelf

We all have souvenirs or collectibles, mine where stacked on a shelf corner. I couldn’t see them and they end up under a good layer of dust. It was time to highlight them, so I made a display shelf and use them to decorate a wall. It’s nice and colorful! I still have some room to buy a few more. So I think I will get some extra alebrijes on my next trip to complete the display.

The shelf display is quite simple to make, you will need 2 lumber of 1in. x2in. x8ft., a saw, sanding paper and wooden glue. For the finish you can apply wood stain, varnish or paint.
Cut all the wood pieces following the quantities and dimensions in the above picture. Try to have edges as straight as possible. Sand every side of every piece to have a nice finish.

Place the pieces on a flat surface, following the pattern here above. When you are satisfied with the design, mark the pieces location and start gluing. Glue one or two piece at the time, wait for the glue to dry until continuing. You can use clamps to hold the pieces. Put attention to align the horizontal pieces one with each other, to give the impression of a single horizontal post.

Once all the pieces are glued together apply the finishing coat. I used Behr paint (private black) but it will works great with any color or even wood stain.

To be able to hang the display on the wall, I use two U nails to fix a piece of wire on the back. I nail them into the vertical studs.

Just put a nail on the wall and ready to hang! Then, have fun displaying your collectibles. I hang it in the hallway and it looks very nice. I also put some double face tape under some items, just to be sure they won’t fall down if someone (aka my kids) walk to close to the display.


And an overview pic of the entrance! I will post an other entryway upgrade in the next few weeks. Meanwhile you can have a look (again) at the leather plant hanger tutorial and the the frame pendant lighting.

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Tuesday 15th of August 2017

I LOVE this and want to make one asap for my essential oils. What type (brand) of glue did you use? Obviously--wood glue, but is there a particular brand(s) that you've found works best in your experience? Thank you!


Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Hello Vivi, I always use "Resistol 850" glue, but it will work as find with any other wood glue if you can't find this brand.


Saturday 24th of December 2016


patti hudepohl

Friday 9th of September 2016

really nice! reminds me of that cool bookcase you made.