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  • Paper Lampshade DIY

    Paper Lampshade DIY
  • Easy to make DIY phone stand

    Easy to make DIY phone stand
  • How to make Paper photo frame

    How to make Paper photo frame
  • How to make extra large pom poms

    How to make extra large pom poms
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    Easy to make 3D Paper house
  • DIY Holly Christmas Garland

    DIY Holly Christmas Garland

DIY Geometric display shelf

My first plan when I made this DIY display shelf was to add some wall storage in the downstairs bathroom, but it turns out the shelf didn’t fit in the space at all. So I…

DIY Drop shaped Shelf

I continue working on the playroom upgrade, and I wanted to add some decorative shelves above the drawing table. I painted a cloud shape on the wall, some drop-shaped shelves seem like a good addition.…

Easy shelf unit makeover

One of my goals for this the year is redo the playroom. I’ve started a few weeks ago and I have been sharing the process on my Instagram (you can follow me HERE if you…

Easy DIY storage to improve your space

  New year rhymes with new resolutions, right? I have to admit that I’m still enjoying the last days of holidays and I haven’t made my goals list yet. As always I have a lot…

Build a soft toys storage

I’m working on several projects and didn’t finish any yet ! So while I’m crafting as fast as I can between two baby naps and kids homework supervision, I wanted to share a pretty cool…

DIY easy box shelves

As the kids are back to school, I tried to clean the house a bit. I plan on refreshing the playroom, but before starting I had to sort and organize the toys. Years ago, I…

How to build a floating nightstand

Everyone has different opinion about letting baby sleeping in the parent bedroom or on his own room. Short chopped nights are a big struggle for me…as I want to be able to feel asleep as…

DIY Floating Shelves Can Transform A Room

Floating shelves are making a comeback. They double as both storage space and display case, giving you a place to put books, collectibles, seasonal decorations, family photos, vases, flowers, and more. Designed to attach to…