How to make a concrete vase

I keep experimenting things with concrete, it’s such a great material to work with. So after the diamond bookends and the Christmas ornaments, here is an easy tutorial to make a modern concrete vase with 2 plastic bottles.

 You will need a small and a big plastic bottle. The big one I used was from a Minute maid lemonade, I like that it has a flat bottom.

Cut the neck of both bottles, and glue the small one into the big one.

I just put some silicon glue on the bottom to fix them to each other.

Prepare your concrete as indicated on the package and poured it between the two bottles.
I didn’t put enough glue so the small bottle came off when I was pouring
the concrete in. So I just fill it with sand to make it heavy enough to stay in place until the concrete dries.

Two day after, remove the outside bottle. The small bottle inside will stay as your vase container.

Cut off the extra plastic in the top of the bottle if needed.

Sand the top of your vase to have a smooth finish.

Add some fresh flowers and a little water, enjoy your new modern vase. It’s nice as the vase has some weight you can put tall flowers in it and there is no risk of spilling it.

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