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The easy way to make concrete candle holders

I wanted to add something on top of my homemade chimney. I like candles, they look nice and provide a warm lighting. They always make things a little more festive. So it was time to make some new and easy candle holders. I used plastic containers and concrete. I took some yogurt containers to make the shape of the small ones, and I think they look greats. I’m not so sure about the bigger one, made with small bottles. Even if they look great together, I feel that the shape of the big one is not very interesting. I would like to have your opinion about that. Any suggestion of nice shaped container to use for this project?

Material: copper pipes, copper caps, small plastic containers, concrete, copper paint and glue.

For the small containers, fix the copper caps on the bottom using glue. The cap opening must be placed against the container bottom.

Fill the containers with concrete, give some pats on the bottles to take out the air bubbles. Once the bottles are filled with concrete, push a cap into the concrete, opening up.

Wait 24 hours for the concrete to cure. If you have any doubt about the dying time, refer to the package instructions. Once the concrete is dry take the container off. You may need to make small cuts with a cutter to easily remove the bottles.

Paint some geometric shapes on the candle holders. You can use masking tape to paint straight lines.

Cut the copper pipes in pieces of 2 inches long. One edge straight and the other sidelong. Sand the edges and remove the red label on the pipe. Just pass a cloth soaked in nail polish remover on the pipe to clean it. Place the pipe into the copper caps and done. You just have to add candles!

The star decor and the wooden fire pace are also DIY projects, I will share them soon on the blog!



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