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DIY printable lampshade

You know I love lighting projects. You may remember the paper geo lampshade. If you don’t want to mess with geometry drawing, this printable is the easy way to make it. And with funny pink and green polka dots, it’s even better.

You can download the printable HERE, you will also have unlimited access to my online library of patterns and printable.

Beside the printable lampshade, you will need a pair of scissors and a glue stick. I will suggest you to use at least a 120 gr paper sheets. Regular sheets are to thin for this project. Please, remember to only use LED or energy saving bulb with your paper lampshade.

Cut the diamonds shapes following the lines.

Fold each shape in the middle, to have one side with the pattern and the other white. For the 5 shapes with a flap, fold it inward.

Take the diamond shapes (sheets 1 to 10) and glue them to each other. Put the glue on the blank part and paste the patterned part of the second diamond on it.

Repeat until the 10 shapes are glue together.

To close the base of the lampshade, you need to glue the first and last triangle together.

Take the 5 shapes with the flaps (sheets 11 to 15) and glue them together to form a pentagon. Leave the last section unglued.

Put glue on the flaps and paste the pentagon with the base.

Slide the socket and the bulb through the unglued slit.

Glue the last triangle to finish the lampshade. And Tadaaaaam!!! Your new polka dot lampshade is ready! Don’t forget to ALWAYS use LED or energy saving bulb. They don’t heat so it’s much safer!


You can find the tutorial to make the tile side table HERE and the geometric planter HERE.


>>> Download the polka dot lampshade <<<



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