DIY Monday # Mirrors

Mirror is a great accessory for your home, and not only for the bathroom. You can hang it in the entrance hall or place it on a furniture in the living room
It illuminates the house by reflecting the light and gives a glam touch. I’m sure you will find some great ideas with those DIY tutorials. Have a nice Monday.

Anthropologie inspired mirror // Bigger that the three of us

DIY chevron mirror // Amy Krist

DIY Sailor’s mirrors // View from the fridge

DIY hand mirror //  The Merrythought

Beaded mirror // Flax and twine

Wall mirror // Thistle wood farms

A feminist DIY mirror // Dans le lakehouse

Faux antiqued mirror // Home heart craft

DIY 3D mirror // Monstercircus

Modern mirror diy // A beautiful Mess

Sunburst mirror // Fresnobeehive

Ikea hacked mirror // Simplette


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