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70 easy to make DIY planters

diy cage plant holder

When spring arrives I feel the need to gardening and work in the backyard…but as we have two big dogs and they destroyed all the plants and trees I had in the garden, I keep my greens inside!

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Spring is the perfect time to change pots and of course to buy some new plants! Which means I need more pretty planters. I’m always on the look for affordable options so DIY is a great solution.

And being honest with you, I think that building planters if one of my favorite items to DIY. You can work with a lot of different materials (wood, concrete, clay…) and it is also a great craft to recycle unused containers and household items.

I gathered 70 DIY tutorials to inspire you to create awesome planters. I divided the post into 7 different sections to make it easy for you to find the kind of planter you need and want to make.

You will find 10 tutorials under each of these topics, you can read the full article or scroll down to your favorite section. Have fun DIY-ing!

If you want to know my top three DIY planters are: the concrete planter, the 3D planter, and the copper hanging planter. I added them to my to-do list. Tell me, which are your favorites?

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Photo above by DIY in PDX

diy recycled rope planters

Picture by Lana Red Studio

DIY indoor planters

There is a wide variety of plants and flowers that you can use indoor. Your choice will depend on your tastes, the brightness of the room, and your gardening skills. Having pretty pots to display your plants is an integral part of decoration and a great way to add color and texture to a room.

Dive into the DIY below to find creative ideas and make some pretty planters for your home.

1. DIY recycled plant pot

2. How to weave a basket planter

3. DIY cork wrapped planter

4. Origami planter

5. DIY geometric concrete planter

6. DIY indoor planter box

7. DIY conical planter

8. Recycled denim planters

9. DIY fringe planter

10. Make a planter with a plastic bottle

DIY painted planter

Picture by Love and Specs

Planter hacks

In this section, you will find quick and easy ideas to customize planters. We don’t always have time to get involved in long DIY. So I gathered some great ideas to hack terracotta or plastic planters and give them a unique touch. Quick and easy DIY are the best, don’t you agree?

11. Make a leather-covered planter

12. Customize a terra cotta planter

13. How to make a plaster spiky planter

14. Memphis inspired painted planters

15. DIY Mud cloth planter

16. Braided planter

17.DIY mid-century planter

18. DIY gold leaf planter

19. DIY Aztec print planters

20. DIY 3D planter

diy copper plant hanger

Picture by A Bubbly life

How to make plant hangers

Using plant hangers is a nice way to add plants where you usually wouldn’t allow too. An awkward corner or a small section of wall are the perfect places to hang greens. Plant hangers are super easy to make. You can just tie rope, weave some macrame, or sew scrap fabric. Find how below.

21. DIY air clay wall pot

22. A copper hanging planter

23. DIY diamond hanging planter

24. Square hanging planter

25. House shaped wall hanging planter

26. Make a plant hanger with ceramic bowls

27. Simple hanging planter basket

28. How to make a plant hanger with scrap fabric

29. Disco ball hanging planter

30.DIY hanging leather planter

diy small planter with letters

Picture by The Merrythought

DIY small planters

Small planters are perfect for succulents, cacti, and for plant propagation. It’s also a nice gift idea. You can put together a few assorted planters with small plants, and it will be even better if you can personalize them with a DIY. Let’s give a try!

31. DIY mini sharpie planter

32. DIY mini copper planters

33. DIY plants pockets

34. How to make a mini succulent planter

35. DIY mini upcycled planters

36. Tiny tea tin planters

37. Mini letters planters

38. DIY handmade clay pot

39. Yogurt glass planter

40. Tiny upcycled plant hanger

diy trio plant stand wood and copper

Picture by A Bubbly Life

Plant holder DIY

The first place to display plant is the window sill, but if you have a little plant addiction or like large plants, you will soon run out of space. A great alternative is using a plant stand. It’s is a great way to show your plants and to makes life easier for cleaning. 

41. Metal plant table

42. Turn tomato cages into a plant stand

43. Hairpin legs plant stand

44. Skinny planter stand

45. Simple wood plant stand

46. DIY wood and copper plant stand

47. 3 tiered copper planter

48. DIY vertical basket plant display

49. How to build a mid-century plant stand

50. Quick plant stand hack

DIY concrete planter with wood stand

Picture by Francois et Moi

DIY concrete planters

Concrete is a great material to build planters: it’s water-resistant and cheap. You can create a mold of almost any shape and pour concrete in to create a unique planter. You will find below the best ideas to make geometric, hand-shaped, self-watering, head-shaped, or boxed planters.  Have fun making your cement planter.

51. Concrete planter and wood stand

52. Easy fake cement planters

53. DIY head planters from concrete

54. Geometric concrete planter

55. Modern concrete planter DIY (made with sprinkler guards)

56. DIY concrete hand planters

57. How to make a large concrete planter

58. Self-watering concrete planter

59. Outdoor concrete planter with wood base

60. DIY outdoor planter with cement pavers

diy tall large planter box

Picture by Within the Grove

DIY Large planters

Large planters are perfect to grow a tree and to use outside. Due to their size, they can be relatively expensive, building a large planter is, therefore, a good and cheap option. You will find several ideas that include woodworking, concrete, and trash can hacks.

61. How to build a large planter box

62. DIY tassel basket planter

63. DIY leather planter bag

64. Ombre planter

65. How to build a large plywood planter

66. DIY tall concrete planter

67. Make beautiful and simple wooden planter boxes

68. How to build large cedar outdoor planters

69. Tall planter made with trash cans

70. DIY faux copper planters

Want to remember it? Save these 70 fabulous DIY planter ideas in your favorite Pinterest board.

70 DIY planters easy to make


You will find all the tutorials featured in the video on my “Best DIY” page.


Kerry Fendley

Tuesday 28th of September 2021

I have many things growing all year from clippings from store bought vegetables and seeds from fruits. Onions (green, cooking, purple, Spanish and vadalia) Horseradish from roots, ginger from risomes, romaine lettuce from core roots, celery from core root, broccoli from core stem, Orange tree from seed, papaya from seeds, apple tree from seeds, pineapple from leafy root. I'm always trying to grow anything that I have bought but I also forage to find plants to grow for medicines. I do have many house plants as well.

Ginene P Nagel

Monday 16th of April 2018

Wow, this is fantastic. Thank you! Just what I need in my antique shop to add new in with the old. I'm thrilled that you put this all together for those of us who want to add living plants to our interiors.