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21 DIY indoor herbs garden ideas

the best diy indoor herbs planters

You don’t need a huge backyard to enjoy gardening. In fact, you can create a green nook even if you live in a small apartment. The easiest way to start is growing an herb garden

It’s simple, the plants grow fast enough and you will always have them on hand to season your dishes. 

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DIY herb garden kit

First, and whatever the planter you choose for your herb garden, you will need seeds and soil. You can get them at your local nursery store or order them online. 

I found two great options for online purchase: 

  • This starter herb kit contains 4 different herbs: Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, and Chives. It includes soil pellets, which means you can start growing your plants right away and then transfer them into your DIY herb garden adding extra soil.
  • This other herb kit is to grow an herbal tea garden. You will receive herb seeds for growing organic tea plants and making your own chamomile tea, mint tea, lavender herbal tea & lemon herbal tea. Sounds wonderful, don’t you think so?

Now that you have your seeds or plants, you are ready to build your herb garden. 






A few simple tips to successfully grow an herb garden

Use planters with good drainage and prefer to add organic soil to the planters.

Sow 4 to 6 seeds per scoop, spacing them at least 1/2 in. Cover with a thin layer of soil, tamp lightly, and water gently without digging up the seeds. Keep the soil slightly moist until the seedlings appear.

If you bought plants, take out the herbs and place them in the indoor planter, leaving them a little above the potting soil.

Place your herbs in an area with really good light. It’s very important to have light for them to grow. Water every few days. Don’t overwater, let the soil dry a little between.

Below you will find a selection of the best DIY ideas to create an indoor herb garden. Depending on the space you have available, you can grow your herbs on the window sill, the kitchen counter, or hang the planters on the wall. 

Some of the following DIY indoor gardens imply a little woodworking, others use recycled materials. Have a look at those smart and space-saving ideas and find the project that fits your home! 

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DIY herb garden planter box

Using a planter box is the simplest solution if you want to place your herbs garden on a windowsill or along your kitchen counter. It’s easy to build and takes up little space. It’s a great way to grow your herbs together.

how to build a wooden planter box

How to make a box herbs planter // DIY network

herbs garden in wooden planter box

Toolbox planter // The navage patch

diy indoor herb planter box

Herb garden made with old pallet

diy indoor herbs garden stand

DIY Indoor herbs garden stand

diy indoor herb planter box

Easy to build planter box

No time for DIY? You may like this compact self-watering planter

DIY indoor herb garden with mason jars

Mason jars are cheap and nice to use but don’t have great drainage, to remedy this you can place some small stones in the jar bottom before filling it with the soil. The stone will help to drain water and prevent the roots from rotting.

DIY mason jar vertical garden // Rebecca

wall hanging herbs garden in mason jars

DIY mason jar wall planter

herbs garden in mason jars

Mason jars DIY herbs garden

No time for DIY? You will enjoy this Mason jar herb garden kit

Want to go further? There is plenty of herbs, fruits, and vegetables you can grow indoor. This book helps you take the next step.

DIY indoor herb garden with grow light

If you want your herbs to grow well, it is vital that you place them in a very bright place. If you lack space near the windows, you can use a grow light to compensate for the lack of sunlight.

diy bookcase herb garden with grow light

DIY grow light

diy indoor herb garden with grow light

DIY indoor garden with grow light

No time to DIY? Try this ready to use grow light stand

DIY hanging herb plant garden

If you live in a small space, a great way to optimize the space and be able to grow a nice indoor garden is placing is along a wall or a window. You will find below some awesome ideas to build hanging herbs display planters of any size.

Copper herb garden // Homemade modern

window hanging herb palnter

Indoor hanging herbs planters

diy shelf herbs garden

DIY shelf for herbs garden

wall hanging indoor planter

DIY hanging garden

DIY easy wall hanging planters

Simple DIY hanged herbs garden

macrame wall hanging planter

Macrame wall hanging herbs planters

No time to DIY? You may enjoy this cute wall hanging

Recycled indoor herbs garden

if you are on a budget or like to use recycled materials, you will love these simple and beautiful herbs garden made out of trash. Seriously, how cute are theses tea can planters?

DIY bottle garden // Design*sponge

diy denim planters

Make an indoor herbs garden with denim

recycled tea boxes into planters

Tea tin herbs garden

recycled herbs garden

DIY plastic bottle herb garden

tin can herbs garden

Indoor tin can herbs garden

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Want to remember it? Save these DIY indoor herb garden ideas on your favorite Pinterest board.

diy indoor herbs garden ideas



You will find all the tutorials featured in the video on my “Best DIY” page.



Monday 10th of February 2020

You show a copper plant holder for herb pots 3 rows of 3 pots that hangs from the ceiling.

How can I buy one?


Wednesday 12th of February 2020

Hello Tome, this plant holder is a DIY. So if you want to make one you can find the instructions here I have no idea where you can buy one, but if I see something similar I will let you know.