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DIY Play Mat – Sewing pattern and tutorial

Learn how to sew a quilted play mat. This succulent-shaped mat is perfect for babies and toddlers but not only!

This sewing project is easy and fun to make. The pattern comes in 4 different sizes, that allow you to use the mat in different ways.

The large and medium sizes are perfect to lay on a bed or as a floor mat in the bedroom or bathroom (don’t forget to add a non-slip pad under it or you can use this kind of fabric for the back).

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As mentioned, you can also use the succulent mat as a play mat for babies and toddlers.

The small and petit sizes are great to make armchair and chair pads.

All sizes will work perfectly to sew a cute bed for your fur friend, from great Danes to chihuahua, there surely has a size that is perfect for your pet.

You can choose to fill the succulent mat with more or less padding depending on how you want to use it. More filling for a pet bed, less for a floor mat…you get the idea!

Supplies to sew a play mat

To sew the succulent-shaped mat you will need:

As you will be sewing a mat, I suggest you use thick fabric.
Most of the upholstery fabric will work to make this project. However, I really like how faux-suede (or microsuede) perfectly works for this succulent pattern.

You can choose to match front and back or to use different fabrics.

Don’t forget to place a non-slip pad under it if you plan to lay it on the floor and walk over.

For the filling, you can use fleece, batting, or even a quilted bed pad.

Choose the filling according to the use you want to make of your mat.

Batting will make a nice and fluffy mat you can lay on a bed.
A quilted bed pad will be very useful if you plan to wash the mat frequently, like for a play mat or a pet bed.

How to sew the play mat

This sewing project is very simple and fun to make. It will take 2-3 hours to complete a mat. The time can vary depending on your sewing skills and also depending on the mat size you choose to sew.

You have 4 different succulent mat sizes to choose from:

  • Large (43 inches – 110 cm)
  • Medium Large (30 inches – 80 cm)
  • Small (24 inches – 60 cm)
  • Petit (15 1/2 inches – 40 cm)

The PDF file includes the 4 patterns, a full step-by-step tutorial with pictures, and an exclusive link to watch the full video sewing tutorial.

Once you complete payment you will receive an email with a link to download the full PDF.

First, choose the pattern size you want to sew. I give you clear indications of which sheets to print for each pattern size.

Each pattern is numbered and comes with a simple assembling plan. You can print the pattern at home on US letter paper size.

Tape the pattern sheets together ane you are ready to start.

Little bonus, the printable also includes an envelope to keep your pattern and instructions for future use.

I hope you will enjoy sewing this playmat as much as I did. I have to confess that the large size is my favorite, look how pretty is this dog bed. The color matching our dog wasn’t intentional…hahaha!

However, I like how practical are the small and the petit size to make chair pads.

I guess is maybe because I’m always worried someone (aka my kids) will stain the nice upholstered chairs…So I feel relieved when there is some protection on the seat.

I like how the succulent mat looks like a bed cover…I know is only for decorative purpose but having a pretty bed makes me happy.

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Watch the video and see How you can use the DIY mat

Want to remember it? Save this DIY playmat on your favorite Pinterest board.

You will find all the tutorials featured in the video on my “Best DIY” page.


Dinah Rogers

Sunday 19th of September 2021

Amaryllis! This is fantastic! I could see the medium size being a table cloth! The smallest could be a trivet or placemat. So pretty.


Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Thanks! You have some awesome ideas to use this playmat pattern...I may have to sew more and make some placemats ;)


Sunday 19th of September 2021

Wow it's a very beautiful play mat, in the first photo I didn't think it was so big, jiji. Kisses!!!!


Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Thank you, Ayla. There are 4 different playmat pattern sizes ;)