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Easy to make Felt Christmas Ornaments patterns

Felt Christmas ornaments patterns

Using felt to make Christmas tree ornaments is a great idea. It’s a simple material to work with and very affordable.

You can handmade felt decorations in any color you like. They are kids friendly and easy to store, you will certainly enjoy them for years.

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These Christmas ornaments are easy to make and propose a modern twist to the traditional embroidered felt decoration. They are made of several layers of felt sewn together.

No worries, you don’t need a sewing machine or seamstress skills to craft these decorations. All is handstitched and very easy to make. It’s also quite fast. It takes me around 15 minutes to make a decoration.

And if you plan to make several, you can cut the shape in bulk to make it quicker.

To make your felt Christmas decoration you will need the patterns, available in my shop.

The felt Christmas ornament pattern is available as an instant download. This digital PDF file includes the 6 differents ornaments patterns.

 How to make felt Christmas ornaments?

material to make felt christmas ornaments

Materials you will need to make felt ornaments:

The ornament patterns are available as an instant download. This digital PDF file includes the 6 differents ornaments patterns. Just place your order and complete the payment. You will receive an email with the link to download your sewing pattern. Click and print at home on A4 or US Letter size paper. Then, you are ready to start sewing!

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report pattern to make felt christmas ornaments

Download and print the ornament patterns. Cut out the 6 shapes. Choose one shape, here I used the bell, and pin it on the felt fabric.

If you plan to make several ornaments the best is to buy assorted felt fabrics, just double check that the felt sheets you choose are large enough to cut all the pieces you need to make the ornament. To make each ornament I used a strip of 1 yard long by 8 inches high. Another good option is to buy the felt fabric by the yard (so many pretty colors to choose from).

cut shape to make felt christmas ornaments

Cut the ornament shape following the pattern.

make more felt shapes

Repeat to cut 10 identical shapes. The number of layers to make an ornament will depend on the thickness of the felt you are working with. The felt I use was quite thin so 10 layers work great.

You can try with fewer or more layers, to achieve a nice finish.

pin felt christmas ornaments

Cut a piece of ribbon or leather cord. Fold it in two and pin it in the center of one piece of felt. Hand stitch the ribbon in place. Make a loop big enough to easily hang the ornament on the tree.

The bell ornament is slightly different from the other as the ribbon is longer and the ends come out from several inches at the bottom of the bell. The extra length will allow you to slide a bead to complete the bell.

For the other ornaments designs, you can cut a smaller piece of ribbon. Fold it in two and pin it on the upper part of the ornament. If you have any doubt, you can watch the video, I show you how.

mark center felt christmas ornaments

Once the ribbon is stitched on one felt piece. Take a second piece of felt. Fold the ornament pattern following the dotted line. Place it folded on the felt and trace a line.

I choose to fold the pattern, instead of cutting it in the middle, so I can use it again to make several other ornaments with the same shape.

sewing a felt christmas ornament

Take the felt piece with the ribbon, place 4 other pieces under, and 5 above. The felt piece with the line must be on top.

sew felt christmas ornaments

Watch that all the pieces are well aligned and clip them together, I didn’t have sewing clips large enough to hold all the felt layers so I used paper clips. It works ok, even if the thread remains tangled in the clip sometimes…nothing bad, just a little annoying.

Take a matching color thread and a needle and hand stitch all the layers together. Follow the line, so you are sure to sew straight and make.

As the seam needs to be strong, I suggest you make a backstitch seam. No worries, it’s more simple than it sounds and your ornaments will last longer.

diy felt christmas ornaments

This step is only for the bell-shaped ornament: Pass a bead through the ribbon, hold it with a knot, and cut the extra ribbon length.

handmade felt christmas ornaments

I also pass a wooden bead through the ribbon loop. It’s optional but I think it gives the ornament a well-finished touch.

bell felt christmas ornaments

And done. What do you think?

Watch the video tutorial to easily make felt Christmas Ornaments

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pattern to make felt christmas ornaments

Which one of the 6 ornament patterns would you like to try first? Which felt color would you like to use to make your DIY felt Christmas ornaments?

Let me know in the comments.

Get the pattern and start sewing!

handmade felt christmas ornaments

make felt christmas ornaments

easy to make felt christmas ornaments

DIY felt christmas ornaments

how to make felt christmas ornaments

DIY felt christmas ornaments

modern felt christmas ornaments

Want to remember it? Save these easy to make felt Christmas ornament in your favorite Pinterest board.

DIY fel christmas ornaments patterns

You will find all the tutorials featured in the video on my “Best DIY” page.



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Cool DIY! Really you are so talented. I am totally impressed with your work. I am going to try this. Thanks and keep sharing.


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