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  • DIY Desk Organizer Caddy

    DIY Desk Organizer Caddy
  • Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY

    Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY
  • DIY flower vase with concrete

    DIY flower vase with concrete
  • DIY Cactus Pillow Sewing pattern

    DIY Cactus Pillow Sewing pattern
  • DIY Scandinavian Patio Ideas

    DIY Scandinavian Patio Ideas
  • How to make a succulent pillow

    How to make a succulent pillow

DIY Mail organizer

What do you do with your mail? Did you have a storage place? I used to drop them on the kitchen counter…and forgot them until the pile became too big! So I came up with…

DIY Coral

If you like coastal decor, you will enjoy this simple tutorial. I explain how to craft a branching coral and a gold coral. The best part is without a doubt that you can have nice…

How to make hanging vases with bottles

If you are looking for a cheap idea to make vases, this DIY is for you. You will just need a few simple supplies to make these pretty hanging vases with recycled glass bottles. They…

DIY Monday # Memo boards

If you need a place to hang pictures, to keep a to do list or to display the kid’s drawings, nothing better than a memo board. They come in any size, shape and color….so take…

Recycled shoe box

  If you don’t know what to do with shoe boxes, instead of throwing them away, you can recycle them in small suitcases! Kids will love to hide their treasures in it … or you…

DIY paper wall art

Today I’m gonna show you who to make a nice & cheap art wall. I saw those cute leaves decoupage on Raw Color. I tried to make my own version, using two sheets of paper…

DIY Paper wall lamp

You know one of my obsessions is making lamps. When we moved in three years ago, we only had light bulbs … no luster or lampshade. So I made a few lights (you can have…

Cocktail pendant

Waiting for the holidays, at the beach or enjoying the swimming pool, here’s a little DIY to get you in the mood! Mientras esperamos las vacaciones, a la playa o para disfurtar la alberca, un…