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  • How to make a pumpkin shaped pillow

    How to make a pumpkin shaped pillow
  • How to make a Fall Leaf Garland

    How to make a Fall Leaf Garland
  • Wheat decor Wall Hanging DIY

    Wheat decor Wall Hanging DIY
  • Succulent pillow pattern

    Succulent pillow pattern
  • DIY Desk Organizer Caddy

    DIY Desk Organizer Caddy
  • Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY

    Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY

DIY Wall Art with a Scarf

I have a lot of scarves!!! The picture above just show you a small sample of my scarves collection. I wear them very often, even during summer time. As I can only wear one at…

Go wild for a while – Freebie

I like quotes! I even have a dedicated board on pinterest where I collect the ones I like! But instead of having a look at them once in a while, I thought it would be…

DIY paper weaving wall art

A few weeks ago I made the first DIY paper wall art (the left one). It was fun a quite easy to archive. So I thought that a second one to match will maybe a…

A stylish paper mobile

More paper craft on the blog today! I create a black and white mobile inspired by the traditional otomi embroidery work. It’s a very simple DIY to make and you can hang it from the…

How to create cut paper wall art

Looking for a pretty decor to hang on your wall? Here is a very cool idea: Create your own cutted paper piece of art. It’s fun to make and cost almost nothing. I was inspirited…

DIY to Try # Message board

You may have seen that message boards are popping around on blogs latterly! It’s such a fun way to decorate a wall, and it’s so easy change the words on it! You can use it…

Make a paper leaves garland in 30 minutes

Once the end of the year celebration is over, I just want the winter to be over too! Obviously, with this chilly weather,  it’s not gonna happen anytime soon! So I just made a little…

The easiest kid’s night light

Most of the kids are afraid in the dark, mine makes no exception. So instead of leaving the hall’s light on, I made a cute little decoration which also provide some smooth lighting during the…