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  • How to make a pumpkin shaped pillow

    How to make a pumpkin shaped pillow
  • How to make a Fall Leaf Garland

    How to make a Fall Leaf Garland
  • Wheat decor Wall Hanging DIY

    Wheat decor Wall Hanging DIY
  • Succulent pillow pattern

    Succulent pillow pattern
  • DIY Desk Organizer Caddy

    DIY Desk Organizer Caddy
  • Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY

    Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY

How to bulid a curtain rod for almost no money

Any decorator will tell you, curtain make a room. We all agree that the chosen fabric can make a big difference. Curtain rods and tiebacks play also an important part in the decor, they are…

DIY bunny ears napkin rings

 I like to make easy seasonal craft! It’s an fun way to celebrate and give the home a little twist. Easter makes no exception. I still don’t know if we will have an family Easter…

How to sew a crib bumper and a baby blanket

I’m so happy to finally share my first sewing project for our future baby with you! I’m not planning to decorate a room into a nursery. First, because we only have a 3 bedrooms house…

DIY to try # faux fur projects

Winter time is almost back, do you have any winter DIY project planed for the next weeks? I think the huge blanket I made last year can be putting back on our bed! I didn’t…

DIY to try # Blanket

There is two thing I like about winter, wearing boots and slip into my bed under thick blankets. It reminds me when I was a kid and I was staying at my grandma’s house. She…

How to make a rope basket

I knew that the stool cover will not be my last rope project. It’s kind of fun and addictive to make your own basket. I wanted a container to store all the remote control… this…

DIY shibori dyeing cushion

I wanted to give a try to the shibori dyeing technique for a while. Traditionally you have to use indigo blue but I had in mind to play with two different color shades. I picked…

One hour floor cushion

It’s not the first pouf or floor cushion I sew but it’s definitely the easiest project! You basically just need to sew 4 triangles together! I made it for my kids. They can use it…