50 easy to make DIY planters

When spring arrive I feel the need to work on the backyard…but as we have to big dogs and they destroyed all the plants and trees I had in the garden, I keep my greens inside! It’s still the perfect time to change pots and of course to buy some new plants! Which mean I need more pretty planters. I think that with creating lighting, making planters if one of my favorite thing to DIY. You can work with a lot of different materials and it also a great craft to recycle old containers.

I collected 50 DIY tutorials to make awesome planters. I divided the post in 5 different sections to make it easy for you to find the kind of planter you want to make. You will find 10 tutorials under each of these topics:

  • Making planters
  • Customizing planters
  • Hanging planters
  • Tiny planters
  • Large planters and plant stand

If you want to know my top three DIY planters are: the concrete planter, the 3D planter and the copper hanging planter. I added them on my to do list. Tell me, which are your favorites?

Picture above by DIY in PDX

Picture by Lana Red Studio


Making planters:

1. Recycled planter

2. How to weave a basket planter

3. DIY cork wrapped planter

4. Origami planter

5. DIY geometric concrete planter

6. Concrete planter

7. DIY conical planter

8. Recycled denim planters

9. DIY fringe planter

10. Make a planter with a plastic bottle

Picture by Almost makes perfect


Customizing planters

11. Make a leather covered planter

12. Customize a terra cotta planter

13. How to make a plaster spiky planter

14. Memphis inspired painted planters

15. DIY Mud cloth planter

16. Braided planter

17.DIY mid century planter

18. DIY gold leaf planter

19. DIY aztec print planters

20. DIY 3D planter

Picture by A Bubbly life


Hanging planters

21. DIY air clay wall pot

22. A copper hanging planter

23. DIY diamond hanging planter

24. Square hanging planter

25. House shaped wall hanging planter

26. Placemats turned hanging planters

27. Simple hanging planter basket

28. DIY planter wall

29. Disco ball hanging planter

30.DIY hanging leather planter

Picture by The Merrythought

Tiny planters:

31. DIY mini sharpie planter

32. DIY mini copper planters

33. DIY plants pockets

34. How to make a mini succulent planter

35. DIY mini upcycled planters

36. Tiny tea tin planters

37. Mini letters planters

38. DIY handmade clay pot

39. Yogurt glass planter

40. Tiny upcycled plant hanger

Picture by A Bubbly Life

Large planters and plant stand:

41. DIY tassel basket planter

42. Turn tomato cages into plant stand

43. DIY leather planter bag

44. Skinny planter stand

45. Ombre planter

46. DIY wood and copper plant stand

47. 3 tiered copper planter

48. DIY vertical basket plant display

49. How to build a mid century plant stand

50. Quick plant stand hack


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  1. Ginene P Nagel
    * * * / * * *

    Wow, this is fantastic. Thank you! Just what I need in my antique shop to add new in with the old. I’m thrilled that you put this all together for those of us who want to add living plants to our interiors.