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How to make paper hummingbird

how to make hummingbird with paper

Hummingbirds are fascinating birds, both by their small size and by their speed of movement.
We put a hummingbird feeder in our yard, but no birds have come yet. We may have to try another food mix. By the way, I will be glad to hear from you if you have any advice to attract these lovely birds in my yard.

While waiting to see real hummingbirds flying around the house, I made some paper hummingbirds to decorate inside.

It’s a lovely and easy craft to make. You can hang your paper birds on the window or attach several to make a mobile. Tell me, where would you like to display these cute paper hummingbirds?

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Materials you will need to make paper hummingbirds

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paper hummingbird template

The first thing to do to make your hummingbird craft is to download and print the bird template.

Fold the paper sheet in the middle following the line and cut out the bird body and the wings.

I decided to paint them with watercolor, but you can use any technique you like: pencils, acrylic, brush pens, sharpies

I suggest you to use a thick drawing paper. If you don’t feel comfortable with all that artistic part or if you want to make the hummingbird craft with kids, you can just print the bird shapes on colored cardstock paper.

painted paper hummingbird template

I only used watercolors a few times, so I’m definitely not an expert. The last birds I painted turn out way better than the first…Let’s just say that learning is the essential unit of progress.

diy paper hummingbird template

Once the birds are painted and dry, or decorated as you like, cut a slit in the middle of the bird body following the rectangle mark. The easiest way to do it is by using a utility knife and a ruler.

assembled paper hummingbird

Fold the wing and slide it into the bird body.

glue the paper hummingbird

Put some glue inside the bird at the place of the head, beak, and on the wing base. Don’t glue together the lower part of the body or the tail.

make a paper hummingbird

 Fold the bird body, hold it with a paper clip and let it dries.

make a mobile with paper hummingbirds

 The last step is to pass a thread to hang your hummingbird. With a needle, pass a thread on each wing. Hold the thread on the wings with a dot of silicone glue.

crossed dowels to make mobile

If you want to hang your hummingbirds on a mobile, cut two dowels pieces of 12′ long. Attach them together with thread to make a cross shape. Hang birds at each end of the dowels and one in the cross. Add a threat from the cross center to hang your hummingbird mobile on the ceiling. And done!

I love the bird bright colors. It’s quite relaxing to look at them moving slowly with the air. I hope you like it and don’t hesitate to share your hummingbird art project in the comment section!

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flying diy paper hummingbirds


how to make paper hummingbird with free template


free template for paper hummingbird

Want to remember this? Save this Paper hummingbird craft in your favorite Pinterest board.

make paper hummingbird with free template




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