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DIY Monday # Newspaper

We all have newspaper and old magazines lying around. Do you keep them or do they go directly into recycle bin? I use to keep them when I need to protect some area while I paint BUT it seems that there is much nicer thing to do with it. Baskets, yarn, play forts, bags…just take a look at those fab’ tutorials! Have a nice Monday!

DIY newspaper forts // MPMK

Recycled newspaper yarn // Green Upgrader

Seeding pots // Johanna Rundel

Cardboard figures // El hada de papel

How to make gift bags with newspapers // How about orange

Paper top // Curious Kangaroos

DIY newspaper stars //  Morning creativity

How to make paper flowers medallions // The enchanted petal

 DIY Newspaper basket // The 3R’s blog

DIY paper rings // The 2nd funniest thing

DIY newspaper basket // How about orange

DIY paper bowl // PaperVine


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