How to make a sock doll

How to make a sock doll

A few weeks ago my daughter came back from ballet classes very excited. One of her friends promise to give her a flour doll (I still have no clue what a flour doll is). She was very happy, she even choose a bracelet to give to her friend. Obviously the little girl didn’t bring any doll…no big deal, but my daughter was very sad and disappointed!

After this little drama, I made her a promise: we will make a super cute doll together. She calms down and went to her ballet class… I had the secret hope that she will forget about the doll…that didn’t happen! She starts asking for the doll again and again and again, so last weekend we made it!

It’s a very nice soft toy to make with your kids. She helped to fill the doll and drawn sketches for the doll clothes (I still have a lot of work to complete the doll wardrobe). This DIY doll is super easy to make. Plus you can finally find a use for the lonely socks stack next to the laundry machine! It’s a very fun craft, let’s try!!

How to make a sock doll cutting the sock

How to make a sock doll

Material you will need to make your doll:

  • A pair of socks
  • foam filling
  • thread and needle
  • yarn
  • a pair of small beads
  • embroidery thread

We used a pair of kid white socks (the same I used to make these socks bunnies). You can use a sewing machine for some steps but it’s totally doable by hand. It takes use one afternoon to make the doll.

Draw on the socks the doll shape, one sock for the arms (left on the pic) and one sock for the body and legs (right).

How to make a sock doll sewing the parts

Cut out the shape, you have to cut through both layers.

How to make a sock doll filling

Sew the legs edges together, leaving an unsewn gap on the center to fill the doll. Sew the arm edges together, leaving one side open to add the filling. Fill the doll’s body and arms with the foam.

How to make a sock doll sewing the doll

When you are satisfied with the shape and texture, close all the seams with a few hand stitches.

How to make a sock doll making the head

The make the doll’s head, pass a needle with a thread through the body and make a knot. Repeated several times or until you are satisfied with the shape.

How to make a sock doll adding the arms

Sew both arm with the body, next to the head.

How to make a sock doll sewing hair

To make the doll’s hair, I wrap some yarn around a piece of cardboard (about 4 inches width). Once I had enough yarn, I place the doll’s head on it and attach the yarn on the top of the head with a few stitches and knots.

How to make a sock doll

Cut out the yarn.

How to make a sock doll

Put a second row of stitches, just to be sure that the doll is not gonna stay bald after a few hours of play. Adjusts the haircut with some scissors snips if necessary

How to make a sock doll stiching face

Sew two beads to make the eyes, and make a few stitches with the embroidery thread for the mouth.

How to make a sock doll

That’s it! A cute doll for your favorite little girl! Of course, we have to make her a dress, with the scrap fabric of my easy shirt!

How to make a sock doll

And also a jacket, because she was cold! And then a bag to carry the jacket when it’s hot (as my daughter told me), and some overalls (no particular reason), and a school uniform…and then it was bedtime! But I still have on my list: some pants, a nightdress, and a bikini.

It was not planned but our sock doll fits perfectly into the DIY barbie house. Check the post if you want a homemade wood dollhouse.

How to make a sock doll

Mimi, the sock doll, visiting the DIY Barbie house!

How to make a sock doll

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How to make a sock doll



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      Thanks Kath! I try to do my best, and I really enjoy when motherhood goes with craft making!

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      Hello Belinda, It was free style sewing! I just put the doll on the fabric and report the shape. I made several adjustment…sorry, I know it's not gonna help you. And I forgot to take pictures.