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21 DIY ideas to Replace disposable products with reusable ones

Replace disposable products with reusable ones

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” I read this sentence on the Twitter of Anne Marie Bonneau and since then I haven’t stopped thinking about it and telling myself that she is so right.

When I see people who manage to generate zero waste and that I compare it to my way of life, the changes to make are so gigantic that I desperate myself even before trying. While it’s all the challenge: try, make a small change at a time and persevere.

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The picture above: How to make your own natural bees wrap

What is replacing disposable items with reusable items?

It’s trying to banish or avoid as much as possible single-use objects.
It is to favor the use of items that are washable and reusable a large number of times.

I’ll give you a few examples: prefer washable snack bags to disposable Ziplocs, choose fabric napkins instead of paper ones.

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What is the difference between disposable and recyclable?

Reusable objects are the best options for protecting the environment, far ahead of recyclable items.

Why? Recyclable disposable items also generate contamination at the time of production and transportation.

It’s obvious that in certain cases we may use disposable items, and it’s better to choose the one which is the most ecological and therefore recyclable …. but if possible avoid single-use objects and prefer reusable ones.

What is an example of reusing something?

  • Get rid of aluminum foil and plastic wrap.  You can replace them with homemade bees wrap to conserve aliments or sew somereusable oilcloth covers for your bowls.
  • Use oilcloth bags for your snacks instead of Ziplocs…plus with all the pretty oilcloth designs you can find your snack bags will look so cute.
  • Synthetic sponges are made of oil and chemical products and take years to decompose. So I found two DIY alternatives to them, a tawashi sponge and a knitted sponge made with twine that seems pretty good to scrape the pans.
  • Carry your reusable bags and don’t use plastic bags anymore…I leave mine in the car (if not I forget them home) and I always have a small one folded in my purse in case of an unexpected purchase.
  • Prefer reusable straws instead of disposables ones.
  • Wrapping papers are very cute but are such a waste. Try to wrap your gift with a piece of fabric that you can reuse afterward.
  • A lot of personal care products are disposable, so you can make a change and, for example, use reusable makeup removals pads and washable wipes.

DIY Reusable Products to Replace Single-Use Disposables

If you follow the blog a little you know that I like upcycling and repurposing items, like the DIY soap jar I made using a jam container or that other DIY to recycle a plastic container into a planter.

DIY reusable products are more eco-friendly but they also can save you a LOT of money. They are better for you and the environment, and they’re often much more convenient to use.

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DIY reusable Cleaning supplies 

Replace disposable products with reusable ones

DIY knit twine scrubbing sponge

homemade dust wipes

Homemade dust wipes

DIY dryer sheet

Homemade Dryer Sheet Replacement

Replace disposable products with reusable ones

A tawashi sponge

make reusable kitchen towels

Make reusable and washable unpaper towels

DIY reusable food items

Replace disposable products with reusable ones

DIY reusable cloth snack bags

Replace disposable products with reusable ones

How to sew reusable bags for fruits and vegetables

Replace disposable products with reusable ones

DIY reusable oilcloth bowl cover

tutorial to sew napkins

How to sew napkins, the easy way.

Replace disposable products with reusable ones

Fabric grocery bags

Replace disposable products with reusable ones

Upcycle a t-shirt into a produce bag

diy reusable sandwich wrap

How to make reusable sandwich wrap

reusable coffee filter

DIY Reusable coffee filter

DIY Reusable products for the bathroom

How to make reusable makeup remover pads

Reusable makeup remover pads

sew reusable tissues

DIY tissues tutorial

DIY recycled jar into soap dispenser

DIY recycled soap dispenser

how to sew baby wipes

How to sew your own baby wipes


DIY reusable items you can easily make

Replace disposable products with reusable ones

DIY fabric gift wrap

diy reusable gift bag

How to make reusable fabric gift bag

make reusable hand warmer

DIY reusable hand warmers


I hope you enjoyed these zero waste DIY ideas.

I have been looking around my house and I realize that some disposable products can easily be switched for reusable ones.

So I made myself a to-do list of DIY to make and start using more reusable items in the house. That will be a good start to produce less waste and hopefully save some money too.

It will take a little time but these small changes seem to be quite simple to do.

What do you think? Are there other products that you have stopped using and replacing with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option?

I would love to hear your advice in the comments.

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21 DIY reusable products



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